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     Based out of Houston, TX, Kindrid (aka Patrick Rivera) is an electronic music producer who expresses an intimate, emotional connection with his music while demonstrating an energy level seen from the most exciting club bangers. Kindrid’s immersion in music began at age three, when he first learned piano and developed an interest in composing. His early connection to the music world was shaped by classical pieces and soundtracks from composers including Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Dimitri Shostakovich, and Claude Debussy. Kindrid's greatest electronic music influence is deadmau5, and he also draws from a range of other artists such as No Mana, EDEN, JOYRYDE, and Mr FijiWiji. Inspiration from these artists shines through in Kindrid’s compositions and musical choices, in particular for creating House music.

Kindrid, as a classical percussionist at the University of Houston from 2015 – 2017, had planned to pursue a position teaching band in the area. But as he became more involved with the quickly growing Electronic Dance Music scene, he redirected his passion and his career. Kindrid first gained recognition from world-renowned EDM DJ/Producer deadmau5 who heard his track "Demise" on a stream and reacted with this statement: "I'd sign that in a second." 
Since then, Kindrid has become a growing name in the electronic music community. The YouTube video of that stream went viral and to date has 3.7 million views. A little more than a year later, he has had multiple tracks signed with deadmau5's label imprint "mau5trap records." Kindrid intends to continue this relationship with mau5trap and to work with other labels such as Emercive Recordings, hoping to bring his unique perspective on electronic music to the scene worldwide.


By: Alex Beaumier

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